Procedures for sale

Procedures for the Sale of Products


There are the two pricing algorithms used by Art and Jewelry Gallery, as appropriate, to all of Art and Jewelry Gallery.


The prices you give Art and Jewelry Gallery are total prices charged to our customers One example would be an 8 x 10 picture which is $30.00, an 11 x 14 is $40.00, a 16 x 20 which is $50.00 and a 20 x 30 which is $70.00 and is a standard price. Art and Jewelry Gallery reserves the right to print any picture at any size. $9.00 (or 30% of the $30.00)in will go to the person that took the picture when an 8 x 10 picture is printed for a customer and $21.00 (30% of the $70.00) for a 20 x 30 picture that is printed. The picture will be printed by Art and Jewelry Gallery.

The picture will be mailed by Art and Jewelry Gallery.

Jewelry and Paintings

A second example would be a piece of Jewelry or items that fit under the same rules. If the Jeweler wants a total price of $100.00 then 70% goes to the Jeweler (or $70.00) who will make the Jewelry, mail the Jewelry and do all handling of the Jewelry.

The amount of 30% goes to Art and Jewelry Gallery (or $30.00).

The calculated mail cost paid by the customer to Art and Jewelry Gallery is paid to the Jeweler for the item.

A common price for the mailing is made unless otherwise stated to Art and Jewelry Gallery in the format that Art and Jewelry Gallery defines and is agreed upon by the Jeweler ahead of time.

In all cases, Art and Jewelry Gallery may choose not to include anyone in the website’s vendors or serve customers. Restocking fees are charged to our customers at 25% of the original price by and for Art and Jewelry Gallery for all items returned.

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